Kansas’ Longest Performing Rock & Roll Band

Let us share our musical passion!

Our Story



 The band was organized in 1965, as a four-piece group, and was originally named King Midas & the Muflers.  In 1966, the group became an eight-piece show band, performing in a six-state area, billed as the "King Of The Show Bands".  The group released two records in the late 1960’s, “Get Down With It” & “Mellow Moonlight”. A solid rhythm section, crisp-tight horns, and lead vocals that bring the days of James Brown, Wilson Picket, Buddy Holly, & Elvis, as well as Huey Lewis, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others!  

That’s what KING MIDAS is all about. 

 Everywhere we go, people comment “KING MIDAS music sounds just like the original record!” Bassist Ron Foulk once said – “If we’re going to cover someone else’s hit record, we’re going to do it right” – and they do!  



The music is well suited for many occasions…targeted at the musical taste of all ages. We play many types of engagements: conventions, class reunions, town festivals, weddings, company Christmas parties, and nightclubs. KING MIDAS established themselves as one of the premier “oldies“ party bands in the Mid West.  Wherever we play we gain enthusiastic fans who keep coming back for more of the high energy performances which set KING MIDAS apart from the rest of the “Oldies” Pack! Our bands groove-oriented classic rock is guaranteed to keep your toes tapping and a smile on your face!



All the members are quick to point out that over the years, what they've learned most is to “entertain!”  Make the dance or concert the most enjoyable party of the year, so when the people go home, they’ll tell their friends, “You should have been there!”  Along with playing good time Rock & Roll, all members of KING MIDAS are dedicated to the hard work and persistence which, along with solid talent, creates such a successful unit.   

March 16th 2006 King Midas & the Muflers was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame

& in 2007  King Midas & the Muflers were inducted into The Kansas LIONS Hall of Fame